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Tim Winton. Tim Winton has published twenty-nine books for adults and children, and his work has been translated into twenty-eight languages. He lives in Western Australia. Its seeming simplicity is deceptive, for beneath its pared-back surfaces lies all the steel of a major novelist operating at full throttle in a territory he has spent 25 years making his own. Breath seems to cut through everything, and to speak with unusual honesty. But against all this pointless sorrow, there remains the evanescent beauty of the world, and Winton matches that with limitlessly beautiful prose.

It is written with great tenderness and sympathy and rhythmic energy, and structured with immense skill. It is difficult to avoid superlatives in any honest summary of the importance of this novel. It will surely be a classic of Australian literature, enjoyed and admired by all who read it. May the Lord make us truly thankful for Tim Winton. Breath discloses itself as a grand metaphysical fable but one so tactful and restrained that it would be easy to miss its boldness and complexity. There is nothing frivolous or superficial here.

Book Review | 'Breath,' by Tim Winton - The New York Times

Like all literature worthy of the name, Breath does not impose choices or solutions but draws its life-breath from paradox and ambivalence. Winton is better than any living novelist I can think of at describing physical sensations. Its lyricism is exquisite but never effete or affected.

While Breath deals with primal, mythic conflicts — the clash of wilderness and civilization, self and society, youth and age — it does not strain for epic effect.

Having established this blissed-out idyll of sun and sea, this splendour among the waves, Winton darkens the mood and cranks up the tension with a sure, slow hand. Tough, visceral lyricism. Winton on a wave is irresistible.

Nicholas Sparks Loses Spark With Latest Novel ‘Every Breath’

An exquisitely calibrated account of the different costs paid for momentarily vaulting over and beyond the human. In case you are not, he is the author of The Notebook as well as many other novels. He is beloved by many people into the romantic style writings and storytelling. I was not one of the many who jumped on the Nicholas Sparks fan train after The Notebook became popular as a movie. At the time I watched the movie it had been out for a while and one day it was just there, so I watched it.

It is about his new book Every Breath. While picking my monthly book I saw a recent novel of his and thought that a whole country fell in love with his style of writing, so why not read it to see if he can impress me like he did the rest of the country. I ordered my book, it came in the mail, I was eager and excited, so I unwrapped it and read Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks.

You guys, I was mad from the start to the finish of that novel. He sets up an opening dialogue to his reader claiming that his fans always tell him to check out a location called Kindred Spirit. You can write something sweet and leave it for a stranger to read or you can read what others have put inside the mailbox. The very last thing he read was an amazing love story that he was compelled to share with the world.

I was mad from the start because I felt like I picked a book by Nicholas Sparks to see what his writing style was all about.

Managing Editor

I was eager to read a story from HIM only to be told by him that he was not the original author. That bothered me because that was why I wanted to read the story, it was less about the story itself and more about who actually wrote the story.

Trapped with the CEO

But I read the story regardless because, well, I bought and paid for the book of course. Also because my sister made a valid point when we talked about it. She thought it must be a good story if Nicholas Sparks, a published successful author was inspired by it so much that he went out of his way to find the original author and practically beg for their permission to use it as a story of his for the whole world to hear.

If he felt that strongly that the world needed to hear this story it has to be good right? She had a point, or so I thought.

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So I read the book…. The story goes a little something like this:. Rich man born and raised in Africa was summoned to America to meet his biological father that he had never met before. Father paid to have him stay in a beach house for a weekend until the day they were to actually meet. Man finds dog and returns the seemingly unharmed dog to its own who happens to be a woman, she happens to also be his neighbor for the weekend at the beach houses. Rich man is Tru and woman is Hope. Hope has a boyfriend named Josh. Just throwing my opinion out into the world. Tru finds the dog hiding in some bushes after being hit by a car, picks the tiny dog up and returns the dog to Hope who is standing on the beach staring off into space because thoughts are totally more important than YOUR DOG.

After that, we'll get divorced immediately. Little did they know then that they were destined to be together. Hiram, the handsome young CEO who could never be turned on by a woman, and Rachel, the beauty who somehow brought bad luck onto all the men she went on a date with, were getting married, against all odds. Cherry thought that she had finally found her happiness, but she had no idea about the dark secrets that were bound to unfold and haunt her forever.

Five years later, she accidentally crossed paths again with the same people that she had fled from. Having gone through a tough break-up, Brian Long, a cold and indifferent man, sees Molly as nothing more than a physical replacement for his once beloved ex-girlfriend. When they escape from life threatening situations, Brian and Molly are deeply entangled in a complex relationship of love and hatred.

Breath by Tim Winton - Book Trailer

Just as Brian decides to open up his heart to her, the long-gone ex-girlfriend comes back to claim her place in his heart. Read Now. Other Readers Are Reading. Trapped with the Doctor Bai Cha. Trapped with Daniel Bai Cha. Trapped with the Lawyer Bai Cha. Trapped with Colin Bai Cha.

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