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Mountain Sky Bishop Elaine J. Stanovsky leads the Rocky Mountain Conference, which is one of the conferences reporting growth in its professions of faith. She is also the president of the United Methodist Board of Discipleship , which works to help congregations become more vital. For example, the conference appointed the Rev.

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Jerry Herships, a former standup comedian, to start AfterHours Denver , which began holding worship services in bars. The church now has expanded to include ministering to the hungry and homeless in a city park. Two years ago, the congregation began providing a meal once a week for the guides. The ministry grew from five to average about 50 guides a week.

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This past summer, the church followed the suggestion of one of the guides and began offering religious and philosophical discussions as part of the weekly meals. Even with this latest bright spot, some United Methodist bishops remain cautious about the profession of faith numbers. Philadelphia Area Bishop Peggy Johnson leads the Eastern Pennsylvania and Peninsula-Delaware Conferences, both of which reported increases in professions of faith, points out that the gains do not outnumber the deaths of longtime church members in her area.

She also said that some aspects of church vitality cannot be measured with numbers because churches have helped change hearts and touch lives in ways that only God knows about. Profession : How does the definition of a professional—who professes a body of knowledge and engages in competent practice with colleagues on behalf of others to serve the common good—connect with vocation? What moral formation can professional schools provide to help professionals sustain a sense of calling throughout their career?

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Learn about well-being at work in an interview with a Seminar member: Part 1 and Part 2. How can churches remain faithful to the rich theological roots of vocation while also helping to develop a public language that speaks to people more broadly? Practices : What spiritual practices or religious traditions support professionals at work?

How can congregations provide the time, space, and resources that professionals need to deepen their understanding of calling? Click here for congregational resources celebrating work. Common good : In our individualized culture, how can the concept of vocation build up the common good by promoting the flourishing of others?

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