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All steps should be justified. Examples include: names of people you discussed homework with, books, other notes including the ones listed in the references below , Wikipedia and other websites. Collaboration policy. Reasonable collaboration is permitted.

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Everyone must write their solutions individually and acknowledge their collaborators. Late policy. Late problem sets will not be accepted without a valid excuse such as illness. You should not look up solutions to homework problems online or offline.

Problem Sets 1 to 4. For example, having students prepare and discuss potential exam questions is an excellent activity. You can find some guidelines and examples at right in the table below.

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An effective way to learn the material on your own is to play the lectures on some regular schedule, do the associated reading, and attempt to solve some of the assigned exercises on your own. If you get stuck on a particular exercise, find some others in the book or on this website, or try to solve some of the problems given in the lectures without looking at the solutions there.

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  • In the future, we plan to add more exercises with solutions to this website, but that is work in progress. While some of the reading material may be difficult for a typical undergraduate to master on such a quick pass through, a substantial fraction of the coverage is elementary, and the lectures provide a firm basis for understanding the key concepts. Princeton students.

    At Princeton, we use these materials to teach the second half of our senior-level undergraduate course An Introduction to Analytic Combinatorics the second half of the course is on the Analysis of Algorithms booksite. Click on the COS tab on the sidebar for logistical details.

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    We update the material as the semester progresses. You can look ahead in the table below to get an idea of what is to come, but assignments are not "official" until you receive them by e-mail. All rights reserved.