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Consequently, periods of political independence and national unity for the peoples who inhabited the region in ancient times tended to be brief. Palestine was too much a prey to periodic bouts of imperial conquest ever to remain in local hands for long.

First Jewish-Roman War

To continue reading this article you will need to purchase access to the online archive. Please email digital historytoday. Vespasian hears of the internal dissension and civil war of the Jews and views this as a godsend. The Jews are occupied fighting each other rather than preparing weapons to fight the Romans. Many deserters flee the City.

Jews Against Rome

Burial is forbidden, the bodies rot in the streets. John is determined to be the sole leader. Another calamity develops as the Sicarii begin to plunder villages surrounding Masada, taking the loot to the fortress. There is widespread terrorism and plunder in Judaea. Vespasian moves toward the City 68 CE. Peraea is crushed. News arrives of the uprising in Gaul against Nero.

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Vespasian foresees upcoming Roman civil war. He marches to subdue surrounding areas and encircle Jerusalem: Antipatris, Vespasian learns of Nero suicide He suspends war actions against Jerusalem, and sends Titus to pay homage to the new emperor Galba. But Galba is assassinated 69 CE, and Otho follows as emperor.

Simon son of Gioras leads another faction among the Jews, is training an army to take Jerusalem, fights the Zealots. The Idumaeans ally with him. Simon attacks Hebron.

The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history

Emperor Otho commits suicide. Vitellius follows. John's forces commit more atrocities. Simon surrounds Jerusalem, is invited to overthrow the Zealots by the high priest Matthias. Simon once inside however assumes supremacy over all, and disdains those who invited him in as well as the Zealots he conquered. Simon launches an assault on the Temple. Rome in disorder.

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Vitellius has arrived, turns the city into a military camp. Vespasian is angered at his accession, his soldiers talk of revolution, proclaim Vespasian emperor, he accepts. He marches to Alexandria, the lighthouse at Pharos, is warmly received and the governor of Egypt swears allegiance to him 69 CE. Vespasian, remembering the prophecy of Josephus, frees him 69 CE. Vitellius's commanders abandon him for Vespasian, Vitellius's army is destroyed.

Apocalypse: The Great Jewish Revolt Against Rome AD - Neil Faulkner - Google книги

Vitellius is slain in Rome. Vespasian is proclaimed emperor in Rome and he makes plan to return to Rome. Meanwhile, he sends Titus to return to complete the siege of Jerusalem. More factional fighting They are effectively destroying the city. The grain that would feed them during the siege is destroyed in flames, the hunger that will follow thus being their responsibility.

John purloins the sacred timbers to make engines of war. Titus "Caesar" advances on Jerusalem. He is trapped at one point and has to fight for his life. John seizes the inner court of the Temple from the Zealots and Eleazar son of Simon. Josephus is recruited by Titus to serve as an intermediary, to persuade his people to surrender. The Sanctuary containing lampstand, table, and altar , the innermost chamber the Holy of Holies , the colonnades, Court of the Women. Sufferers of venereal disease were barred from the City, menstruating women from the Temple and even when clean were limited in their access.

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Priests at the altar must be unblemished. The Antonia, built by King Herod, was a tower with 4 other towers attached Simon's partisans and John and his Zealots continue to fight each other, even when the Romans are closely encamped. Josephus states that Jerusalem's internal divisions destroyed the City, and the Romans destroyed the internal divisions. The siege begins.

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  • The factions unite. Romans build siege towers. The outer wall is breached, soon the Second wall. Josephus states God was blinding the eyes of the partisans, show did not see the famine coming and welcomed the destruction of the people. Josephus makes more appeals to the people. He appeals to reliance on God, says they are fighting against God. The Jewish nation was never intended to bear arms. The Romans are only expecting the customary tribute.


    Josephus states he is willing to sacrifice his mother, wife, children, even his own life, in order to persuade the people to relent. People torture others to find food. More siege warfare. The dead are discarded from the walls. Titus calls to God that this desecration was not his doing. The priests are killed, Josephus's father is imprisoned.

    Josephus is injured. Escapees are swallowing gold, and the surrounding Arabs and Syrians eviscerate fleeing refugees to recover their gold. Josephus foresaw that God would have taken further divine punishment on the sacrilegious behavior of the Jewish ruffians had the Romans delayed their attacks.

    The Antonia is entered. Titus gives his troops a pep talk. There will be rewards for the souls of heroes Josephus again appeals to the Jews to surrender. He lambastes John. Titus rebukes John, urging him to put a stop to the needless destruction. Antonia is destroyed. The Jews burn the colonnade, killing some Roman soldiers.