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Room: Landmark 1, Marriott St. Louis Grand.

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Session Type: Professional Learning Institute. Available Handouts :. Room: Landmark 2, Marriott St. Room: Landmark 3, Marriott St. Room: Landmark 4, Marriott St. By Registration Through SESD Science educators, special education teachers, parents, and administrators—come learn and share information and strategies for teaching science to students with disabilities.

Room: Parkview, Hyatt Regency St. Special Evening Session with Sean M. Room: Ferrara Theatre, America's Center. One of the great intellectual achievements of the 20th century was the theory of quantum mechanics, according to which observational results can only be predicted probabilistically rather than with certainty. Science Anxiety, Motivation, and Attitude. Discussion centers on the impact of a non-majors biology course on student science anxiety, motivation, and attitude.

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Hear how our district evaluated and improved our K—12 science and engineering curriculum to meet the NGSS and engage 21st-century learners. Discover how using claim, evidence, and reasoning to construct explanations helps create scientific thinkers, one of the most important practices students can learn. Student enthusiasm for STEM in early grades is strong, but barriers to implementation are significant. Learning Science from K-Gray. Room: Landmark 7, Marriott St. Educate and excite students on the power of algae as a sustainable solution by partnering with teachers in an innovative way to inspire students.

Thurston High School. Educators will be challenged to engage in culturally responsive teaching by including role models that are relatable to our diverse students. Incorporate the beauty and bounty of plants into your classroom with projects for even the most baffled botanist. Integrated Meteorology and Ecology. Discussion centers on a curricular unit using meteorology to inform climate patterns and ecosystems through embedded student investigations and a cumulative PBL biome project.

Divergent Thinking Through Forces and Motion. Learn how to teach divergent thinking through an engineering project for forces and motion in which students build a machine of their own design. First-Timer Conference Attendees' Orientation. Room: Majestic D, Marriott St. Feeling overwhelmed by all there is to see and do at an NSTA conference on science education? We will use scaffolds to unpack the different dimensions of NGSS and to create learning performances and assessments.

  • Ela 8 module 1 unit 1.
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Students design and carry out authentic investigations to learn forces and interactions. Through two inexpensive, easily accessible labs, develop a thorough, comprehensive understanding of dynamics from numerical evidence and thought experiments modeled after Galileo and Newton. Using hand samples, Google Earth, geologic maps, and data sets, we will evaluate and rank the risk posed by a shield volcano, caldera, stratovolcano, lava dome, and cinder cone.

Learn how the fires of Yellowstone National Park can be used to turn your students into scientific investigators, without ever leaving the classroom. Student Engineers Build on Foundations. Track: Phenomena: Gateway to Learning. Full inclusion of students with disabilities in STEM involves both accommodation strategies for students and universal design of instruction that enhances learning for all students. Track: Confluence of Equity and Education. Have you ever wondered what the crosscutting concepts CCC are supposed to support in teaching, learning, and assessment? Water is a precious resource but certain solutes can threaten that resource.

Put the science and engineering practices into action in your classroom?

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Develop your own Escape Room by participating in a live-action game, exploring a wide range of tools, and evaluating examples for biology, environmental science, physics, and chemistry. Do you struggle to find anchor phenomenon or unit starters for open inquiry? We will review each phase of the 5E Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate instructional model and explain how to select trade books to meet literacy strategies to enhance each phase.

Oh no, science fair! Room: Statler, Marriott St. Hear how National High Magnetic Field Laboratory educators are using inquiry activities to teach the topics of magnets and magnetism.

Room: Majestic B, Marriott St. Experience how to integrate science lessons, including the literacy strategies for reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Speaker: Linda Linnen , Retired Teacher. Room: Majestic G, Marriott St. Learn how to use scaffolding tools to help students construct NGSS-focused explanations and engage in argument from scientific evidence. Manager of, American Museum of Natural History. The National Marine Educators Association invites you to engage in hands-on activities and take home resources for your classroom.

Room: Majestic H, Marriott St. Learn how to plan lessons and units that integrate science, engineering, and other content areas into your reading time by starting with any storybook. Room: Landmark 6, Marriott St. Engage in a hands-on performance task.

Room: Gateway B, Marriott St. Science is everywhere! Writing Science into Fairy Tales. Use fairy tales to engage students in science concepts! Amplify Family Science Literacy. Room: Majestic A, Marriott St. Malachy School. Keep animals warm, dry, and safe in the winter in this barn-designing activity. STEM on Station. Investigate the phenomenon of global increase in surface temperatures through the use of a global climate model, EzGCM.

See how we collaborated with industry, teachers, students, and our district facilities department to provide real-world learning experiences about geothermal energy for K—12 students. Engage in activities used in two chemistry classrooms that integrate inclusive pedagogies with 3-D science instruction and examine lessons using a research-based framework. Discover a novel approach to organizing and supporting professional learning community PLC meetings for science educators called PLC in a Box.

Wheat Takes a Walk on the Wild Side. Tired of teaching genetics the same way?

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Learn how to effectively teach and assess misunderstood genetics concepts using free simulations and other learning technologies. Attention will be paid to demonstrating how administrators can effectively support and build STEM programs at their schools by evaluating resources, developing and stewarding a vision, and by expanding their focus to all contents supporting critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative work.

Get Out There and Grow Something! Creating a School Gardening Program. Give your students a real-world education integrating all content areas through the production and sales of plants, flowers, and health care products. What is pH and why is the scale 0—14? Are you surprised there is no research to support the existence of learning styles?

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Thomas Campus. Astronomy Activities for Your Classroom. We will spotlight a variety of inexpensive, hands-on astronomy activities that you can immediately use in your classroom. Do your students struggle with visualizing cellular respiration? Attend this engaging, hands-on workshop to explore introductory coding using Vernier sensors with the inexpensive Arduino RedBoard.

Peter and Paul Catholic School. Attention administrators, coaches, teachers-on-special-assignment and teacher-leaders!