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Only one made it into the harbor, and it was quickly sunk during the attack that morning. Another submarine washed ashore on the morning of December 8, and its surviving crew member, Kazuo Sakamaki, was captured along with his craft. The submarine was studied and then toured the U. A third submarine was observed more than an hour before the attack trying to follow a U. It was quickly engaged and sunk by the crew of the destroyer USS Ward.

The two other mini submarines disappeared. In , one of the two missing submarines was discovered in shallow water off the entrance to Pearl Harbor. It had been partially destroyed by an internal explosive charge, probably set off by its crew when they could not escape. Raised by the U. Navy, it was quietly taken out to sea and dumped in deep water.

In , the second missing submarine was discovered. It, like the other submarine, lay in shallow water near the entrance to Pearl Harbor. It was raised by the Navy, and its bow, still armed with torpedoes, was taken off and dumped at sea. The rest of the submarine, at the request of Japan, was returned to Japan. It was restored and is now on display at the former Japanese naval academy at Eta Jima. The other two pieces were subsequently discovered. A single four-inch diameter hole in the hull, just below the conning tower, marks the first shot fired in the Pacific War. The two mini submarines are considered both historic sites and war graves.

The subs are monitored to assess changes in them over time, especially ongoing corrosion. Since , NOAA and its partners have mounted several expeditions to the two mini submarine wrecks, most notably in The two submarines are also protected by the Sunken Military Craft Act, which is administered by the U. Naval History and Heritage Command has an series of online images of the Pearl Harbor attack and the mini submarines. In describing the craft, all measurements for the submarine are reported with metric measurement and in the English system as many of the American and Australian analyses utilized that system.

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The craft displaced 46 long tons submerged. The basic form of the submarine is round except at the bow, where the sides taper to form an oval, and at the stern, where the diameter decreases to form a point at the propeller shaft gland.

As designed and built, the Type A boats are single-hull craft constructed in three sections which bolted together. A rubber gasket separated each section between the flanges.


The center section contains the control compartment as well as two fore and aft battery compartments. The stern section contains the electric motor and gearing for the propeller and a free-flooding aft ballast tank. An inventory and description of each compartment was laid out by the U.

Navy as part of the examination of HA Medusa , meanwhile, had opened up with its antiaircraft guns at incoming Japanese planes. The first shots missed the periscope, but as the submarine surfaced at , and the conning tower was visible, as well as part of the bow, Curtiss fired twice, reporting they hit the conning tower twice as the submarine fired one torpedo up the North Channel toward the oncoming destroyer USS Monaghan DD Construction should commence at the Indonesian PT.

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If this schedule is met, the Indonesian Navy expects to be commissioning the first Midget Class submarine in The Royal Navy has used a number of midget submarines. Most were developed during the Second World War. The decommissioning of the Stickleback class —early s marked the end of midget submarines designed for combat in the Royal Navy. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. Midget submarine Wikipedia open wikipedia design. Submarine under tons. Prepared to Face Midget Subs? Retrieved 13 August Archived from the original on Retrieved 11 November Retrieved Retrieved 4 May Underwater Warriors.


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