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Show more Show less. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Best-selling in Fiction See all. IT by Stephen King Paperback, Save on Fiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. You may also like. Though another Primarch, his brother Magnus, tries to reach the Emperor by psychic projection and warn him of Horus' treachery during his trance like state, the corruption spreads and prevents Horus from accepting his brother's guidance.

He then turns against the Emperor, becoming the Traitor from the perspective of the Imperium. He plans a coup d'etat on a galactic scale, and ultimately leads eight other Primarchs, as well as their Legions and other forces, in war against the Emperor and all who stand with him. The betrayal and campaign are eventually labeled the Horus Heresy.

Civilian Reader: Guest Review: “Promethean Sun” by Nick Kyme (Black Library)

Most of those who turn against the Emperor become, or already are, corrupted by Chaos. Horus, outwardly still loyal, engages in subterfuge and secretly contravenes Imperial orders.

He also issues orders designed to weaken and disperse forces deemed Loyalist, while simultaneously building covert alliances. Then, in the first open move of the Heresy, he succeeds in culling from the ranks of the rebels those persons and units still loyal to the Emperor. A subsequent operation, expertly directed by Horus and co-conspirators, involves the massacre of three Loyalist Legions that are sent by the Imperial authorities along with four other Legions that have secretly turned Traitor , to crush the rebellion.

Meanwhile, a mass slaughter and ritual on the Ultramarine world of Calth by the Primarch Lorgar summons massive warpstorms over the galaxy; hindering all communication and travel for the Loyalists. While the siege is a strategic stalemate, Horus is aware that massive Loyalist reinforcements are on the way. Lowering the shields of his flagship as a lure or out of momentary regret , the Emperor, Rogal Dorn, Sanguinius, and a force of Imperial Fists teleport aboard the flagship to confront him. Horus initially kills Sanguinius, and then is finally killed in single combat with his father, while the Emperor is grievously wounded in the same action.

The death of Horus leads to disarray among the invading Traitors, whose campaign is by this time also threatened by the imminent Loyalist reinforcements, and they hastily retreat. The Battle for Terra and the whole Horus Heresy campaign is effectively over. Horus' campaign lasts less than a standard decade, [a] yet it is devastating in its scale, and the Loyalist victory comes at great cost. The losses in talent, knowledge, manpower, and territory result in a prolonged period of cultural, political, and technological stagnation and regression for the Imperium.

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The barely-alive Emperor is interred at the end of the Battle for Terra in a complex life support device, a technological marvel known as the Golden Throne. The Throne also powers the Astronomicon, the navigation aid responsible for holding the Imperium together, as well as keeping the destroyed Webway entrance sealed, lest Daemons overrun the Earth. Entombed in the device, his decaying physical form is kept alive in a moribund state, and he is said to be able to express himself only psychically. A long and often violent period of "cleansing" the Imperium from Traitors, and rebuilding its institutions, takes place following the end of the Heresy that is known as the Great Scouring.

The majority of surviving Traitor forces flee to a Chaos anomaly in realspace known as the Eye of Terror. There, they create their own empires albeit more ramshackle and resource starved, resulting in constant infighting and betrayal known collectively as 'the legion wars' and continue to harry the Imperium for resources slaves and equipment and vengeance known as the long war.

The future history detailed in Horus Heresy -branded material is depicted as lost, forgotten, or censored ; yet situations caused by or related to the Heresy form the basis for much of the present context. This campaign setting included the establishment of the Horus Heresy as an important canon-based element. In the years following its introduction as background for other products and as campaign setting for Space Marine , the Horus Heresy came into its own as a project; the transition mainly took place early in the 21st century.

The concept was refined and further defined with expansions in areas such as art, gaming, literature, and multimedia. The continuing additions are set in the Heresy period of the universe, c.

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The additions may be released as stand-alone products or as parts of Horus Heresy series. A significant development was the September initial release of the Horus Heresy miniatures wargame expansion. In addition to regular edition products, releases include special editions such as anniversary editions, collector's editions , web exclusives , and bundle offers. Additions to the Heresy storyline are not necessarily in chronological sequence, and the overall narrative across all areas is nonlinear ; [17] it may include events presented from different perspectives, and gaps that may presumably be filled in the future.

M31 ; in some cases the newer material has led to continuity conflicts with older canon and other material. Overall, the information provided in the book series is generally assumed to be authoritative and superseding the older material.

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The associated product lines and related logos , places, names, devices and other components are copyrighted or trademarked. Illustrations and images from a variety of artists, about the conflict and the related background, have been published in art books. The book series cover art has been separately released, as A2-size posters and in other formats.

They contain original art as well as images derived from the Horus Heresy card game. The volumes also collect edited, previously published Heresy-related magazine articles , and select rulebook information; in addition, original annotations, information, and short stories.

Promethean Sun by Nick Kyme

The text, along with the art, greatly expanded the Heresy material. The work was the result of contributions by numerous associates and staff of Games Workshop and its subsidiaries; select contributors are listed. The war has been the focus of board and card games ; they provided additional relevant information. Literature directly related to the Horus Heresy consists of works in several formats and media, created by various authors; the majority are published by the Black Library, a Games Workshop imprint.

Horus Heresy (fictional event)

The graphic below shows the reading order to avoid spoiler and compiles almost all literature work of Horus Heresy. The series narrative was subsequently expanded to include the actions of other Legions and of various organisations and individuals. The first regular UK paperback edition of the book series titles is listed below. Descent of Angels and Fallen Angels are two parts of a trilogy that includes a third book not in the above list. Horus Heresy-related articles that appeared originally or solely in publisher-affiliated magazines.

Horus Heresy novellas that were not originally included in the Horus Heresy book series compilations; the following were first released in special or limited editions. Horus Heresy short stories that were not originally included in the Horus Heresy book series compilations; several were first released or included in special or limited editions. Below are original audio dramas, and also dramatisations of stories previously published in text media. Released in disc or audio file format , their durations range from over one hour to over two hours.

They employ a number of scriptwriters, narrators, voice actors , and directors. Audio production is provided by specialist UK companies Big Finish Productions or Heavy Entertainment which is also involved in audiobook editions of the Horus Heresy book series. Select contributors listed below. The following audio dramas range in duration from under ten minutes to about half an hour, and are released in downloadable MP3 file format only.

Series of books containing the complete production scripts of Horus Heresy audio dramas, including soundtrack direction and character notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the book series based on it, see Horus Heresy novels. For the related collectible card game, see Horus Heresy card game. Roughly comparable to the Loyalist side, including Billions of Chaos entities and cultists Chaos war engines. Emperor grievously wounded 2 Primarchs leaders of space marine legions killed Trillions of others dead and wounded Many worlds destroyed.

Horus slain Other losses comparable to the Loyalist side.