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But Bush got up from that hit, logged 74 all purpose yards, and scored a touchdown that day. The Saints won. Being an Eagles fan, I remember it well.

Reggie Bush placed under investigation

Gotta give it up to reginald, he knows when his goose is cooked. Just like having to hand over his Heisman. Sobering truth and eternal hope when a star player bids farewell to the game he loves. The thing I remember most about Reggie Bush was when he got flattened like a pancake by Sheldon Brown in that playoff game against the Eagles.

USC Running Back Gets Unsportsmanlike Penalty For Dapping Up Reggie Bush

And not to just race to the outside and try to out run everyone, like he did in the PAC In Miami, he finally learned to slow down for the blocking to set up and he did get the dynamic runs that everyone expected. Devin Hester should retire as a Bear. Reggie Bush? I dont think his time in New Orleans was that memorable. You must be logged in to leave a comment. Not a member? Register now!

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Getty Images. All I remember about him as a member of the Saints…. Tough to admit — but finished with a nice career.

Bush's infamy lives on.

After a very lengthy investigation by the NCAA, Bush was stripped of his awards, USC was stripped of their title, and the school was banned from bowl games for years. The punishment was handed down after the NCAA found that Bush was heavily compensated with rewards and gifts by the school. The NCAA sought to punish players, who generate billions, for receiving monetary or valuable compensation. They still have the same attitude in In celebration, Stepp gave Bush a quick dap, and the referee called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the young running back for the interaction.

The Ghost of Reggie Bush: Looking Back at a Tarnished Trojan Hero, 10 Years Later

Does it further complicate the situation? The new rules for the national anthem, I believe, maybe has complicated things a little bit more. There needs to be some common ground. There needs to be some kinda way to get past the issue. From what I understand and just talking to players and knowing guys, nobody was gonna take a knee this year. I think that was a last-year deal.

I think everybody was past that.

The rule that came out was decided by the owners. The players had no decision in that. Just with the players and the owners making decisions on rules that are gonna impact not only the NFL but the fans too.

Reggie Bush knows he’s done, wants to retire as a Saint

The one thing that I know is that for players, the social issues that continue to happen every day affect us. Especially for football, because we are the main sport in the U.

Hopefully the NFL can come to common ground to make a better decision on how to handle this thing. Justin Tinsley is a culture and sports writer for The Undefeated. Up Next. CulturePlay Reggie Bush does not miss training camp The USC legend and Super Bowl champ talks life after football, the rewards of fatherhood and why fashion is an integral part of sports.

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Even In Exile, Reggie Bush Remains USC's Best Recruiting Tool

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What is it about sports and fashion that tie them together so seamlessly?