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He questions the reason why God made imperfect beings with a sharp mind that is now subjected to the decay of the body. That is though he is in control of all his mental faculties, he is imprisoned by his body not being under his control.

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He tries to scare people to drive the land prices down so he can buy and develop the place in Tagaytay. When he went to Korea and met a Korean woman who he was gentle to because she reminds him of the dark maid that was his first love. Throughout his life, he falls in love with the girls eyes that reminds him of his first love.

He tried to sleep with the Korean girl but to no avail because he was impotent that night. When she got married, he tried to sleep with her again but she refused him because she wanted to be loyal to her husband though they did kiss and he did take a picture of her nude. According to CC, the Philippines military is made up of the Indios so he made sure he befriended them so they will him out when they needed to be pampered.

Since he is used to being on top, he raped a Japanese girl who gave herself to him as he seduced her while they were in the act by slowing the act down. Every guys fantasy is too take a girl who later enjoys being deflowered because of his touch. His inheritance made him blind to the fact that he was just a man like any other men.

The Chinese encourage their young to marry other Chinese with the same station as them to increase the family prestige. I love how Sionil juxtaposes CC disdain for Indios and their laziness with the fact that he sleeps around with his sister and female cousins. I also like how his machinations behind the power influences how power is wielded. CC had a son with his maid named Delfin who wanted to prove to the world that he could make it on his own as a lawyer without the help of his rich father who was never there for him in the first place.

Unlike CC who used family connections to get ahead, Delfin liked his independence and used his personal skill to get ahead. CC wanted Delfin to know that he is his family and wanted to help him in his business.

After all CC believes that all business starts with social interaction. Delfin wanted to be a lawyer for the poor but CC was wants him to inherit his kingdom and thinks that the lawyering for the poor is just a passing fad. It must be hard for CC to be surrounded by sycophants for relatives so that he always distance himself for fear of being asked for stuff.

I wonder if that is how Mar works to have the dirty work done for him by his underlings. I agree that business is the main agent of progress and government should help business so a nationalist agenda is contrary to this. But corruption is bad because it gives cronies to be ontop and thus skews the market into people on top.

CC was betting that Delfin being the do-gooder would not bite the hand that feeds it. So CC is betting that Delfin would see wealth as a friend instead of an enemy. CC lost his son by showing him that the justice system could be bought by the rich made Delfin mad with anger that he never wanted to see his father again. In the end, CC was paralyzed by the fact that he hit his head when he was trying the Spanish beauty queen product and became paralyzed. And his daughter and his son fell in love and got married.

I wonder of Sionil is making a point about how the rich mestizo's are all inbred lot. They concentrate their power by fucking their relatives. So by fucking over the country and procreating with his sister, CC doomed his children to marry each other too. I think the fact that he could no longer feel due to trauma is the perfect ending to someone who was consumed by bodily lust.

I thought the ending was great in that the man of unbridled lust fell because of it. In the end, it was lust that destroyed his health by making him a vegetable and it was lust that destroyed his family by allowing his son to be coupled with his daughter then his sister thereby destroying both Angela and Delfin's happiness. Feb 02, John Ray Catingub rated it really liked it. Don Carlos is a pitiable, almost sympathetic, protagonist around whom F. Sionil Jose weaves the life of a powerful Spanish mestizo for most of the 20th century. A departure from most of his work I've read, FSJ gives a face to the antagonistic landlords and systems that oppress his characters, especially in the Rosales Saga.

The prose is much tighter than his 21st century work and evocative of his '70s novels.

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Although the middle of the novel seems to meander, and the ending is not as satisfying, Don Carlos is a pitiable, almost sympathetic, protagonist around whom F. Aug 26, Deary Mae rated it really liked it. Oct 06, Cam rated it liked it.


May 19, Frank Vagnone rated it it was amazing. Aug 20, Sage rated it it was ok. I read this for Lit class. I then asked my literature classmates who were familiar with his works and they said that F. Sionil Jose is F. Sionil Jose because his writing style is straightforward; no BS, no unnecessary details. They also mentioned that in all of his novels -- or at least the ones they've read -- parts of our history are evident, you'd never doubt that he's a Filipino wri I read this for Lit class.

They also mentioned that in all of his novels -- or at least the ones they've read -- parts of our history are evident, you'd never doubt that he's a Filipino writer. I agree with everything they said. The author knows exactly where his story is going and knows how to properly introduce new scenes. His words are precise, descriptive but never entirely verbose. But this is probably why I didn't like the book. We were enjoying ourselves and laughing. As a reader, I like being sucked into the world of the character. I like being able to feel what the character feels even when the events become unpleasant, and live through the events not as myself, but as the principal figure in the book.

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This book did not accomplish that. It simply told me the tale of a wealthy man, how he was brought up, and how he used his wealth and background to make himself even more successful.

As some may remember, John Paul the First had a very short papacy, the shortest in recent history when he was found dead merely months after taking the high office of Shepard of the Church. Andrew M. Greeley was born on February 5, , and ordained as a priest in He also had papers published about theology. He lived his life battling for the things he believed were right. Writing gave him a voice that he used for good, even donating the proceedings from his work to charity, including Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, known as SNAP.

In , he had an accident with a taxi as it pulled away and he ended with a fractured skull. His health diminished in the years following until his death in at the age of His family confirmed he had died in his sleep and his body found the next morning. Denise Liebig.

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