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It can execute descriptive and inferential statistics quickly and easily. What is the difference between categorical, ordinal and interval variables?

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This guide gives you a clear introduction to these concepts and explains the statistical rationale behind the difference. This guide explains what is syntax, how you can use it, and why you should use it. It can control the flow of command syntax jobs, read and write data, and create custom procedures that generate their own pivot table output.

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SPSS v. Sage Research Method Datasets Do you just need some practice on techniques you have been shown in class? General Statistics and Research Method Tutorials How to choose the appropriate statistical test to examine descriptives vs. Bayesian approaches offer distinct advantages over traditional methods and will only become more popular over the next few decades.

See also his 33 videos on Advanced Multivariate Statistics , some of which overlap with the aforementioned videos list. RStatsInstitute covers a lot of basic statistics concepts, including how to calculate things by and hand, conduct analyses in Excel and SPSS, and create graphs and charts. Here is a list of their YouTube playlists on various topics.

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