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Beeftink, A. Janssen, L. Ooijkaas, J. Strubel et al. Engineering enzymes for the synthesis of semi-synthetic antibiotics. Wynand B. Alkema, Erik J. Hensgens, Jolanda J. Polderman-Tijmes, Bauke W. Dijkstra, Dick B. Modeling the metabolism of Penicillin-G formation.

About this book Introduction Penicillins and cephalosporins have a long history in combating bacterial infections.

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Despite new infectious diseases and occurring resistance, beta-lactam antibiotics will for many years to come continue to play a prominent role in our therapeutic arsenal. This book covers the industrial development of the chemical and biochemical processes used to manufacture these products, as well as looking ahead to possible future processes.

The interplay between synthetic organic chemistry with the understanding and application of enzymes, modeling of fermentation processes and integration through bio- chemical process engineering is illustrated. In-depth scientific approaches to biocatalysis and biocatalyst development including enzyme kinetics, enzyme crystal studies and semi-rational enzyme mutations are also presented.

Metabolic pathway analysis and modeling of fermentation process are treated as well as molecular precision in synthetic approaches to beta-lactams, their precursors and derivatives.

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Process technology studies including new reactor concepts, possible short-cut routes and improved down-stream-processing methods complete a broad view on the scope and limitations of the presently developed industrial processes including an intriguing insight into future process possibilities. They have in common the presence There is a growing need for developing bioactive of the beta-lactam ring, responsible for their antimicrobial implants, due biomaterials are biocompatible, resorbable, activity. They irreversibly inhibit the last step of the bacterial and present osteoconductive properties.

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It is known that cell wall biosynthesis. The beta-lactam antibiotics can be the use of bone substances has many inherent disadvantages described in terms of a beta-lactam nucleus with a side-chain in practical applications, and it is linked to many surgical Figure 1. In this respect, hydroxya- chain of penicillin G with D-phenylglycine PG results in patite HA is an elective material. HA analogous to the mineral component of bones, its properties make it desirable as implant materials and delivery agents of drugs. This paper describes the ampicillin adsorption and release profiles of HA material.

Materials and Methods 2. Ampicillin was from Aldrich Chem. Antibiotic Loaded HA Samples. Ampicillin was used as drug molecules. Ampicillin after synthesis assay. The suspensions Kinetic experiments to determine the amount of ampicillin were left overnight for ageing. The suspension was then adsorbed as a function of contact time were conducted by vacuum filtered and washed in deionised water to remove stirring.

Samples were withdrawn periodically for analysis NH4 OH. Adsorbed amounts were overnight. HA powders were then synthesize by antibiotics before and after adsorption using UV adsorption means of uniaxial pressing 40 MPa and convenient thermal at nm. Pellets of cilinder shape were produced with size of 2. HA Synthesis. In this study, apatite sintered. Sintered powders were again analyzed by XRD and nanoparticles were produced by aqueous precipitation.

The scanning electronic microscopy SEM to assess the final starting solution was 0.

International Journal of Chemical Engineering 3 2. Solubility Experiments. Solubility of ampicillin was determined following Gude et al. The samples were prepared gravimetrically. Glass-flasks with screw caps filled with the samples were immersed into a thermostated water 90 bath and stirred. All samples were stirred for at least 4 hours.

Ampicillin mM Subsequently, the mixture was allowed to settle. The samples 80 were taken with syringes with an attached 0. The compositions of the liquid phases were analyzed by HPLC. Ampicillin 2. Adsorption Performance.

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Results and Discussion 50 3. Solubility Studies. The solubility of ampicillin was 40 measured for pHs in the range 7. The selected range of pHs for the solubility studies was bracketed by 30 stability of antibiotic. The obtained results, which are shown 20 in Figure 5, are similar to the ones obtained by other authors [12—14]. This behav- Time h ior can be explained by its determined values of the acid group pK 2.

Therefore, the obtained results conditions for studying the kinetic of the process. Equilibrium Time. Equilibrium time depends pH 7.

Towards Biocatalytic Synthesis of β‐Lactam Antibiotics

Anyway, these favor at higher temperatures. The n value 7 7. The Linear isotherm just presented good fitting at lower concentration. Higher 0 2 4 6 8 10 pH improved ampicillin solubility. The best results of adsorption Experimental data Linear model performance were obtained when pH decreased 7. Linear, Freundlich, and 7. Langmuir isotherms were used and provided good fit for data. The best model was achieved with Langmuir isotherm. It can be observed that AP decreases when pH increases. The amino [1] M. Therefore, ampicillin [2] M.

Synthesis of β-Lactam antibiotics : chemistry, biocatalysis & process integration

Wegman, M. Janssen, F. The adsorption isotherms pp. Bruggink, E.

Ross, and E. Ribeiro, A.

Synthesis of β-Lactam Antibiotics

Ferreira, R. Giordano, and R. International Journal of Chemical Engineering 5 [5] R. Sheldon, F.