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We integrate the algorithm selection [1] and probabilistic graphs to transform the algorithm selection model of offline algorithms for a dynamically adaptive model of online trading. Unlike the traditional static approach of algorithm selection, where a single algorithm is executed over the whole investment horizon, we dynamically select and update the trading algorithm by analyzing the time series features.

The process is repeated until all windows in a time series are processed. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

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Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc. Position trading is a longer term strategy where traders buy and hold securities for longer periods of time.

This type of trading often involves keeping securities for weeks and even months. The decisions to buy and sell are normally based on extensive research of market trends and predicting changes in the market in the future. The trader buys at the beginning of a trend and sells when the trend reaches is height. If you have access to accurate facts and you can see trends emerging, this is a potentially lucrative way to invest.

Most traders who invest this way take action when a trend starts to gather momentum and sell when a trend is at its peak.

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If you have accurate data, it can be easy to predict when to buy and when to sell using this trading strategy. During certain stages of a trend, Swing Trading often takes place. Traders try to predict highs and lows during a trend based on their research and data they collect for a specific security. Unlike day trading, Swing Trading involves keeping trades for more than a day to maximize the gains made when a trend gains momentum. If your research and data is accurate this is a potentially lucrative way to benefit from volatility that occurs during certain stages of a trend.

Scalping is a fast way to trade. With this trading method, traders take advantage of gaps created by bidding and asking spreads and order flows.

The fact that this is a short term strategy reduces the risk taken by traders. More often than not, Scalping involves smaller amounts, smaller profits per trade and more frequent trading by traders who are also known as scalpers.

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However, these profits can quickly add up. You can avoid sleepless nights worrying about events taking place on the stock market because trades normally take place on the same day. You simply buy the right to speculate on its market price change in the future which could result in a rise or fall in value. However, the returns can be well worth this risk.

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