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Only items and eventually characters would be available for sale, and Blizzard intended for it to operate in tandem with the in-game gold auction house. Players would be able to list items on either service and Blizzard charged a flat fee for each item listed to discourage players from flooding the market with junk items.

Transaction fees on successful purchases were also applied. Proceeds from sales on the real money auction house could be spent on Blizzard merchandise and games, or withdrawn into actual currency for a small transaction fee paid to Blizard and their financial partner.

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One quote from a September Korea Times article explains the potential problem:. Due to this controversy, the watchdog and approval committee was created in the Game Rating Board. This prediction proved correct, and when Diablo III was submitted to the ratings board in early , there were significant delays.

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Not until Diablo III was submitted without any real money auction house at all was the game finally approved for sale, on January 13th These examples along with a numerous black markets for game items and currency demonstrate a clear interest from players in real money trading. However, projects that implement various forms of the mechanic meet several difficulties:. According to Active Games, this approach solves both problems:. Any player will be able to purchase tokens and move them to their game account. This would be convenient to those players not familiar with cryptocurrency world.

The price will be twice as high, due to additional conversion costs. There is another hard currency in Lordmancer II.

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A player will be able to exchange Crystals for LordCoins, but at a rate four times higher than on a crypto exchange. Using this approach, Active Games studio aims to make its Lordmancer II an attractive ecosystem for players wishing to earn fiat money by farming in-game items and by cultivating game characters for sale. Of course, the game itself needs to be good enough to become popular. Will the studio succeed?

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Only time will tell. The main ICO round starts on October Lordmancer II Lordmancer. Tweet This.

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Mmorpg Blockchain Cryptocurrency Ico Worldofwarcraft. Continue the discussion. Beyond Lordmancer II.

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Lordmancer II Sep So we cordially invite you to have a very good look round our website, for by going so you can spend hours testing out a large and very varied range of different casino games at no risk which in turn will then allow you to discover which casino games you personally enjoy playing the most. You will also find that when it comes to you getting the best winning opportunities and the best value for your real money gaming bankroll, we have some very high valued bonuses and special promotional offers available to you from each of our top rated online casino sites , so make sure when you do get together a listing of the casino games you enjoy playing the most you then make use of as many of those bonus offers and promotional deals as you can.

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