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We expect to have lines with non-race-specific, durable leaf rust resistance in advanced stages of development, or possibly ready for release, within about five years or so. At least some of the minor genes for leaf rust resistance are also effective against stripe rust. We initially thought that varieties with minor gene, non-race-specific leaf rust resistance would also provide the same level of resistance for stripe rust.

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This has not turned out to be the case as these genes are somewhat less effective against stripe rust. These genes do keep stripe rust from developing as rapidly after the initial infection, but stripe rust eventually is able to become moderate to severe on these varieties. While there is some benefit to having a variety on which stripe rust develops more slowly, we believe we will need to either increase the number of minor genes used to combat stripe rust or combine them with traditional major-gene, strong resistance to specific races of stripe rust in our varieties.

Posted January 20, Baker, N. Luig, B. Latter, D. R Marshall, D. The, N. Derera, F. Ellison, L. Oates, J. Gyarfas, G. Brown, D. Gow, G. Standen, R. Park, C. Wellings, H.

Pathogen Biology

Bariana, and P. My early overseas mentors included E. Sears, W.

According to the study by Liu et al. In the present work, the Xwmc marker was used to identify the Lr16 gene, and depending on the cultivar, it was located at a distance of 1. The translocation of this gene into wheat also resulted in the transfer of resistance genes against stem rust Sr31 , stripe rust Yr9 and powdery mildew Pm8 [ 22 ]. The Lr26 gene was present only in 4 genotypes, but was linked to the other genes tested. The arguments that supports the choice of the multiplex PCR method to detect the presence of multiple genes are low cost of analysis and ease of implementation.

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Fraaije et al. They proved that the above method was effective in recognizing genes responsible for the resistance to pathogens at various stages of plant development. The results indicate that a multiplex PCR method can be used in breeding programs. Such a method would allow to save time and labor and reduce the cost of analysis. Markers of three leaf rust resistance genes were detected simultaneously in these cultivars.

Markers of three leaf rust resistance genes were also found in the cultivar Rialto.

Nonetheless, this cultivar proved not to be resistant to the pathogen Puccinia recondita f. One and two markers of leaf rust resistance genes were detected in Wilga and Opata cultivars, respectively.

CIMMYT global partnership fights mutating wheat rust

These cultivars were the least resistant in field conditions. The remaining cultivars: Hussar, Rialto, Apollo, Frontana and Brigadier were characterized by moderate resistance to leaf rust both in and in One or two markers of the analyzed Lr genes were present in these cultivars. Based on the results, the c ultivars Jubilatka, Thatcher and Sparta can be considered a good source of the analyzed leaf rust resistance genes.

In addition, the developed multiplex PCR conditions for the simultaneous identification of Lr11 and Lr16 as well as Lr11 and Lr26 gene pairs can be used in breeding programs in order to shorten the time of molecular analysis. Open Life Sci. Response of spring wheat to NPK and S fertilization. The content and uptake of macronutrients and the value of ionic ratios. Open Chem. Central Statistical Office. Branch Yearbooks. Characteristic of the winter wheat breeding materials in respect of resistance to leaf rust Puccinia triticina.

Development of rust resistance varieties in wheat

Bull Plant Breed Acclim Inst. Catalogue of Gene Symbols for Wheat. Flor HH. Host-parasite interactions in flax rust-its genetics and other implications. The use of molecular markers for introduction of leaf rust Puccinia recondita f. Development of molecular markers linked to the wheat powdery mildew resistance gene Pm4b and marker validation for molecular breeding.

Mining of Indian wheat germplasm collection for adult plant resistance to leaf rust

Plant Breed. Wheat leaf rust caused by Puccinia triticina. Mol Plant Pathol. Virulence of Puccinia triticina the causal agents of wheat leaf rust in Poland in the years — Identification of Powdery Mildew Blumeria graminis f. Identification of the gene resistant to leaf rust in selected European wheat cultivars and Multiplex PCR development. Virulence of Puccinia recondita f.

Effectiveness of Puccinia recondita f. J Plant Prot Res. Virulence in population of Puccinia triticina, the causal agent of wheat and triticale leaf rust in Poland in — Detection and location of Lr11 and other leaf rust resistance genes in the durably resistant wheat cultivar Buck Poncho. Genetic mapping of adult plant leaf rust resistance genes Lr48 and Lr49 in common wheat. Theor Appl Genet.

Plant Genome. QTL characterization of resistance to leaf rust and stripe rust in the spring wheat line Francolin 1. Mol Breed. Int J Plant Breed. Microsatellite tagging of the leaf rust resistance gene Lr16 on wheat chromosome 2BSc. Czech J Genet Plant Breed. Determination of leaf rust resistance genes Lr10, Lr26 and Lr37 by molecular markers in wheat cultivars registered in the Czech Republic. J Cereal Sci. PCR-based assays to assess wheat varietal resistance to blotch Septoria tritici and Stagonospora nodorum and rust Puccinia striiformis and Puccinia recondita diseases.

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