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Audible 0 editions. CD Audiobook 0 editions. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. Show caption Hide Measuring dip angle from Cliff Ford's collection Often geologists need to know a gradient of a road up a hill or the angle that rocks are tilted; to calculate these angles you will need to know the lengths of two sides of triangle. From that you can determine the sine, cosine, or tangent of the angle you need. If you have calculated the sine, cosine or tangent of the angle, and you need to know how big it is in degrees , you will have to use the inverse functions on your calculator.

If you don't know how to use these on your calculator, jump to the how do I use my calculator?

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For example, if you want to find the size of an angle with a sine of 0. Try doing this on your calculator. You should get Sin -1 is called "inverse sine" because it does the opposite of the sine function. In the same way, the inverse cosine cos -1 will give the value of an angle if you know its cosine and tan -1 will give you the angle if you know the tangent. In this way you can find the size of any unknown angle of a right triangle if you just know 2 sides of that triangle.

To use the inverse buttons, typically you will need to press a button labeled 2 nd on your calculator and then the sin , cos or tan button. This produces sin -1 on the calculator screen. Many of the calculator companies have on-line tutorials if you need more help, including TI , Sharp , and HP.

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While you may want to just "plug and chug" and use the trigonometry equations without understanding them, some folks find it helpful to understand why they work. The secret is in something called similar triangles. Similar triangles are triangles with three identical angles but different length sides such as the ones in the diagram to the right. Similar triangles are just "blown-up" or "shrunk" the correct term is scaled versions of each other and so the ratio of the length of the sides remains the same. In other words the shortest side divided by the hypotenuse will always give the same result if the triangles are similar.

You may already recognize that this ratio is the cosine or sine. Since similar triangles always have the same angles, then the ratio is the same for any given angle. So each ratio whether the sin, cos or tan has a particular angle that goes with it, and each angle has a particular ratio of sides. Your Account.

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  7. How do I deal with angles? Trigonometry in the geosciences Introduction to Trigonometry How steep is this hillside and will it fail? Show the difference between a radian and a degree. In the geosciences, angles are almost always measured in degrees, where a circle is degrees. I appreciate your examples, broken down for those of us that havn't a clue about Sin Cos tan. Also, I found the font to be the perfect size for the example given and to print it off to share with my other classmates.

    I have horrible vision, so it is perfect for me, thanks again! Trigonometry Memory Aid. To add comments, please log in or register. DougRH4x Howdy all, I'm passing along a quick and easy little memory aid for Trigonometry that I picked up in Machining school decades ago.

    Algebra and trigonometry refresher for calculusstudents

    Doug, You're probably a well-meaning bloke, but your posts are starting to irritate. Many thanks, CB.

    I wish it was all bigger, it would make it significantly more accessible to me Some of the variety of fonts and sizes are conscious formatting to make the priorities quick and easy to skim over and pick out by those that are already knowledgeable in this area. Ha ha. Enjoyed that response. Thanks for taking the time. Its been a dull afternoon. Hi CB, Actully it was a serious response to the points you made and my reason's for them.

    If this is entertainment for you laddie, you need to get out more! I spent a lot of time intentionally utilizing a considerable amount of formatting to make a concise but readily understandable presentation that could very quickly be discerned and understood As to it 'being and insult' to MQL Programmers, not everyone has the benefit of your education, knowledge, experience and skills CB.

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    Me for instance. While you may have a ready grasp of this information instantly at your disposal, their are undoubtedly others that know little or nothing about Trigonometry at all and need to do so in a very short time. Or used it long ago and need a quick refresher to get them up to speed on it quickly and applying it. This does just that. It's concise, clear, comprehensible for both these with no Trig experience or people in need of a quick refresher.

    If you don't need it, then by all means don't use it.