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There is a part of the story of the "Winning of the West" that has not yet been touched upon in any of the volumes of The Lakeside Classics. We refer to the part played by the army in its efforts to protect the intruding whites and keep on leash the resentful Indians.

The story of the treatment of the Indians by our Federal Government is a sordid one, but for which the army was not responsible. As true soldiers, they obeyed orders and the blame belongs to apathy at Washington, resulting in the breaking of treaties, the appointment of dishonest and incapable Indian agents for political reasons, and the failure to man the territories with an honest judiciary and an effective and impartial police system.

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  • Vanished Arizona: Recollections of the Army Life of a New England Woman by SUMMERHAYES, Martha.
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Had our government treated the Indians honestly and protected the red man as well as the white man against thieves and murderers, as has the Mounted Police of Western Canada, the proverb "The only good Indian is a dead Indian" would not have become the philosophy of the early frontiersmen and settlers.

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Imagine living in Arizona in the s. Ranney has a personal connection to the Summerhayes family, which he shares during his lecture.

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  • Vanished Arizona, by Martha Summerhayes.

Martha was a refined, educated New England woman. From to , she spent two years studying literature in Germany.

Shortly after she returned from Germany, she married Lt. Jack Summerhayes, a veteran of the American Civil War.

Traveling in horrific conditions and dreadful heat, she soon despised the wild and untamed land. She soon came to love the starry nights, the clear air, and the simplicity of its inhabitants.