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The Chinese business market is not for the faint of heart or for those who come to play without even knowing that this field has some different interpretations of the old rules. If you want to operate as if you were at home, please just stay home and save your money. China will eat you up, like it has so many others who have gone before you.


While plenty of books have been written for the corporate executive or the bigwig with deep pockets, Where East Eats West is written for the little guy who is on the ground and in the trenches. How to keep yourself in check in the first few infatuating weeks and avoid becoming delirious with China Fever and then how to cope when the fascination ends and reality sets in.

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How to command respect and avoid getting screwed over by suppliers, vendors, and even your customers. How to avoid offending your new friends and colleagues a.

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  5. How to cover your butt before you face a business deal gone bad and you probably will, at least once. A roadmap to navigate the negotiating detours and potholes that come with Chinese business negotiations. Where East Eats West has got it all: the hard truth, humor and real insight into doing business in China as the little guy, and winning.

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